What is Cord Cutting?

(please see my Definitions page HERE if there’s any confusion about any of the technobabble)

Cord cutting to put it simply is the act of replacing expensive cable/satellite service with an inexpensive, yet still feature rich TV watching system. Access to local news/weather and programming (NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX) along with as much cable content as we can without the high cost of cable/satellite service is what we are after.

There are lots of options out there to achieve this, however most are just a partial solution. NTX Cord Cutters aims to keep it to just a few of the easiest and most comprehensive parts that will lead us to a simple yet complete solution.

So what parts does a complete solution contain? At a minimum, you will need a DVR to take advantage of the FREE local channels (NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX). This will provide your local news, your NCIS and your Big Bang Theory, for example. Again I can’t stress how FREE this content is, so let’s use it!

Next, we would like access to as much cable content as possible without paying for an expensive cable subscription. To do this, we add streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and/or an Amazon Prime Membership. These services license content from cable-only channels such as USA and TNT, but they also produce their own content.  Some of this content includes some of the best shows on TV like House of Cards and Narcos. These streaming services are on-demand and are waiting for you when you are ready to watch.

So what about SPORTS?!?! Well, that is slightly more complicated. ESPN and Fox Sports are both currently available via services such as DirectTV Now and Sling TV. So, can you watch it real time? Yes.

Can you record it and watch it when you’re ready? NO.  (The ability to record a game on a cable channel for later is one of the few things exclusive to the cable and satellite services, and I don’t expect that to change any time soon.) As mentioned above, you can view and record on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX.  So, if the game to be missed is on any of these channels, then the game can be recorded and watched later. But, this applies only if your game is on NBC, CBS, ABC or FOX.

Ok, I understand what is available. Now how do we bring it all together?