4k,1080i, 1080p,720p,high-def,standard def – These are all different levels of a great picture. The bigger the number the better. So as you can imagine 1080 has more resolution (more pixels) than 720. These are all terms used by us dorks who think  2,073,600 (1080p) pixels looks sooooooooo much better then 921,600 (720p) pixels. The reality is most people are looking at a 720p picture most of the time and assume it is 1080p or worse 4k. So, try not to get too caught up on this.  We will really only be dealing with picture that is 1080 or better.

OTA – Over The Air is basically your parents’ method of receiving TV content with an awesome new twist that allows it to be delivered in High Def (1080i). Today, it is just as free as it was back then. It requires an antenna to be installed in your attic and a few amplifiers to do it right.  This provides all of your TVs with sweet, sweet 1080i picture for free!

DVR– Digital Video Recorder will tune in and record your TV shows on the major networks brought to you via your antenna (ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS and their local affiliates). Two of the best are TiVo and Channel Master.

Streamer – A Streamer box is a box that connects to the internet to provide your TV streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. Think of it as a gadget that shows you TV content that you pay for thru the internet.

Streaming Services – This is a service on the internet that provides the user with on demand (starts when you press play) content to watch on TV. The big ones are Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. There are a few great new services that are NOT on demand that provide live-only cable channels. These are DirectTV Now and SlingTV. All of these are available with a monthly fee ranging from $9 to $35+.