Cord Cutter Installation

 Here at NTX Cord Cutters, we are obsessed with making your experience with cutting the cord as easy as possible. Our 3 step process will have you on your way to cancelling cable or satellite in no time!

Consultation – We come to you! This includes viewing your attic to determine if there is adequate space for an antenna, as well as assessing the quality and connections of the coax cable(s). We will also discuss whether you already have streaming hardware that we can utilize and save you money! Most importantly, we will listen to your needs and help you figure them out if not already aware.

Soon after the consultation, a detailed estimate including all parts and labor will be sent to you. At that time, we will make an installation appointment.

Installation – Likely this will include an antenna and amplifiers installation in your attic.   Then, we move into the house to connect your main TV and auxiliary TV’s to the antenna system. Then it’s DVR/streamer time. Also, if you choose we will set up your new Harmony remote.