Attic Leak Detection

Are you like us, and want to have confidence that if water were to accumulate in our attics due to failing hot water heaters or non draining AC units that you could be alerted to it immediately on your phone anywhere in the world?  If so, NTX Cord Cutters has the solution!

The Insteon Hub and Leak Detectors will send an alert to your phone and will keep sending you alerts every minute or two until the sensor is reset. You don’t have to wonder if you will notice the alert on your phone, because it will continue to pop up on your Android or iOS device.




The most common application for the detectors is detecting a leaking hot water heater.

(Pictured is a Insteon leak detector installed in a hot water heater drain pan)


We have installed them for customers in any place where water is a concern, not just attics. Common in-house locations are laundry room and kitchen floor areas.

(Pictured is a Insteon leak detector installed in a laundry room behind a washing machine)

The Insteon Hub at home near your home network equipment.

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